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Daring tomorrow's industry

We are able to take charge of all the steps of your industrial project.
We usually start with the feasibility study. This mission aims at defining the main parameters of the project, as the capacity of the plant and the lay-out.

We also establish a work break down and estimate the investment required. At this stage, the investor has all the information required to decide if he wishes to move forward.

Once the decision is made, we proceed with the engineering tasks and the project management. The integrated approach on both technical and organizational aspects allows us to keep control on the technical output, the planning and the budget.

We are then able to assist you during the procurement process, in order to make sure that the contractor meet our requirement.

We then take charge of the coordination on site, to keep quality, budget and planning up to what is expected.

The commissioning of the installation is then made in a way that we insure that the installation reaches the expected performances.


Sense engineering is an engineering office specialized in industrial projects.
We go along our customers with an integrated approach throughout all the steps of an industrial project.

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